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4 Key factors that make PK Beans a potentially Billion-Dollar Play:

The company is charging towards a $4 Million breakeven point and potentially becoming profitable in 2022. 2

They are a first-mover in the fashion industry’s potentially $5 Trillion circular economy. 3

Fresh off a complete “reset,” their new business model is already showing serious revenue and BIG potential for metaverse expansion.

With an exciting new subscription box and multimedia offerings, PK Beans is building brand recognition that could lead to dominating the $34 Billion children’s apparel industry.1

Today’s kids are growing up in a MUCH different world than the one we remember.

It’s estimated that today the average kid spends 3 hours a day watching television, and 5-7 hours a day in total staring at screens4. According to medical professionals, that’s enough to contribute to serious health problems—including everything from anxiety and depression to childhood obesity.4

Making the problem even worse is that these kids are growing up in a “digital world” that caters almost exclusively to adults.

New Hollywood blockbusters hit Netflix, Hulu or HBOMax on an almost weekly basis.

Meanwhile, kids are still stuck with the same type of “Saturday morning cartoons” their parents grew up on. Everyone, including big brands like Disney, have failed to deliver on the promise of truly interactive entertainment and Augmented Reality targeted towards kids.

Until now …

Company Information

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Peekaboo Beans is a children’s apparel brand with a focus on environmentally responsible clothes that are intentionally designed to inspire play. Through an omni-channel approach, Peekaboo Beans engages sellers through social platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, as well as online retailers, to maximize revenue and build brand loyalty. The Company works to promote a playful lifestyle for children by designing comfortable clothes that are built to last. To learn more about Peekaboo Beans, visit: www.PKBeans.com.

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PK Beans is Bringing Playtime to Life in 2022

Imagine putting the kids to bed—except it’s not a struggle …

No need to chase them down the hallway. No pleas for a later bedtime.

Because your child’s new favorite pajamas feature a patch with a special QR code. Just scan the code with a connected phone or tablet to unlock a special, Augmented Reality “Sleepytime Adventure” that will help calm their nerves and make bedtime more fun.5

If you’ve ever put a young boy or girl to bed, you very likely can envision how a simple innovation like this could be a godsend at bedtime for thousands of parents everywhere.

And it’s just the beginning of what PK Beans’ new digital universe has to offer …

Originally founded in Richmond, British Columbia 15 years ago, PK Beans is a children’s apparel brand that delivers unparalleled style with bright colors and clever designs. The company is publicly-traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker BEAN, and on the OTC Markets under ticker PBBSF (DTC-approved).6

Unlike most brands, they’re not just making smaller versions of adult styles, but instead focusing on the FUN factor, and empowering kids to express themselves while learning to take pride in their appearance.
“Everything we do is designed for playful living,” PK Beans Founder and CEO Traci Costa explained in a recent interview. “Kids’ mental health is an urgent and growing issue, so our goal is to empower today’s kids to be more active and engaged.”

It’s a bold goal—but the company is certainly up to the task …

The New, Kid-Friendly Metaverse

Starting in 2018, PK Beans pivoted their business from Associate selling back to becoming a fully-integrated, holistic children’s brand.5

As part of this initiative, the company started the “Peekabeans Adventure Club,” to help bring entertainment, education and fun into a whole new experience based on the company’s fun branding.

This club delivers monthly “Treasure Chests” right to a family’s doorstep. Inside, they’ll find an assortment of fun and educational toys with engaging Augmented Reality (AR) features and more. For younger kids aged 3-6, it’s like experiencing a storybook adventure in real life: 7
With this new subscription-based model, the company’s CEO believes this new venture could deliver up to $2 million in additional revenue in its first year.5 With a recurring cast of characters and fun stories for kids to explore, Peekabeans Club is delivering a clever new kind of interactive experience unlike anything else out there.

And as more kids tune in, this program could effectively work to provide free marketing and exposure for the brand’s other fascinating ventures …

Tapping into the $5 Trillion Circular Economy

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious — even when it comes to the clothes on their back.

And it makes sense. After all, textile-related items are the second largest contributor to the world’s landfills. Some 85% of all clothing discarded in the US (13 million tons each year) ends up in a landfill. Only 13.5% end up being recycled. It’s estimated these garments are worn seven times at most before being thrown in the trash. 8

This is an increasingly serious problem in a world of fast fashion, where outfits are more affordable, and inventory is cycled in and out of stores at a pace never before seen.

And in the world of kids’ apparel, this kind of waste has always been a problem. Kids grow faster than anyone else, leaving most families with a closet full of well-worn hand-me-downs at best, or a old chest full of old baby clothes that won’t fit anyone.

That’s where the “Circular Economy” can really shine.

Like the name implies, it’s all about creating a cycle for clothing that ends with items being reused or repurposed, instead of simply ending up in the trash.
This is why the fashion world’s “Circular Economy” is becoming a bigger and bigger opportunity; a truly transformative trend that’s estimated to reach as much as $5 Trillion annually in the coming years.

PK Beans is a serious first-mover in this new and exciting niche, with the company’s new “Preloved” section on their website.

Under the “preloved” section, parents can return their lightly-used garments for a store credit, easing the burden on their pocketbook as their kids shoot up in height. Each incoming garment is inspected, cleaned and presented on the website at an impressive discount.

This new program is a tremendous win for the company—since it effectively allows them to sell the same garments twice. That’s twice the margin from a sustainable, in-house system that only further strengthens the brand.

More Exciting News on the Horizon

As part of their growing holistic initiative, PK Beans announced in June of 2021 that they’d acquired “Les Petits Terribles,” producer of health- and calorie-conscious kid-friendly foods. 9

We believe that what kids put into their bodies is as important as what they put on their bodies,” says CEO Traci Costa.

“Parents are seeking healthy on-the-go snacks and meals for their on-the-go lifestyles, resulting in rapid industry growth. Adding high quality fuel for kids with our comfortable, sustainable and high quality clothing for kids, we will become a go-to brand in Children’s wellness.” 

With healthy new snacks and on-the-go meals that are delicious for both kinds and their parents, PK Beans will be adding an exciting new dimension to their already-impressive portfolio of offerings.

And since each of these offerings exists in the same PK Beans “Universe,” there’s serious synergistic potential to consider here. Early success with one project could quickly be redirected to invest in developing the rest of the company’s portfolio, building recognition and following in the same way that comparable companies like SpinMaster have evolved into a $1.7 Billion+ franchise. 5

Breakout Styles for the Digital Generation

Most of today’s investors don’t realize that the first real versions of a Metaverse weren’t designed for adults—but for kids. Games like Club Penguin and Roblox gained massive popularity worldwide by giving kids access to a whole new world of fun, education and excitement.

Following in their footsteps, PK Beans is building a self-contained universe where kids can be themselves, and where parents can trust they’re giving kids the best in life. For all those reasons and more, PK Beans is definitely a company that belongs on your watchlist.

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